​July 2024: nyt MATRIX-COVER® projekt Schweiz, CH-2300

Slurry tank: Odor / emission

June 2024: We are closed week 29 and 30 - Happy Summer

May 2024: New MATRIX-COVER® project Switzerland, CH-6122

​Slurry tank / Biogas: Odor / emission

May 2024: New MATRIX-COVER® project Belgium, BE-2280

​Slurry tank / Biogas: Odor / emission

April 2024: We are ready for IFAT, Munich May 13 - 17 2024

Please visit Pavilion of Denmark : A3 / 115 / 214


March 2024: New MATRIX-COVER® project Germany, D-46399

​Slurry tank: Odor / emission

February 2024

We are pleased to announce our new dealer for Switzerland - LSA-Technik AG

Please contact Mr. Philipp Bucher - info@lsa-technik.ch



Januar 2024:


October 2023: MATRIX-COVER® Aquatech, Amsterdam - November 6 - 9 2023

Please come and see us : 07.336D


July 2023: MATRIX-COVER® installation

Link, video

May 2023: New MATRIX-COVER® project Greece

​MATRIX-COVER® is installed to counteract odor and emission - note the flow


​March 2023: New MATRIX-COVER® projects Germany

We are pleased to update the long list of references. Most recently, MATRIX-COVER® has been installed in slurry tanks at the following locations:

D-04720 Döbeln

​D-04741 Rosswein

​D-26723 Emden

​D-29358 Eicklingen

​D-36369 Lautertal-Meiches

​D-38489 Beetzendorf

​​D-49456 Bakum

​D-85757 Karsfeld​

March 2023: New MATRIX-COVER® project In Romania, RO-505800

Homogenization tank (Pulp & Paper): Emission

February 2023: New MATRIX-COVER® project Switzerland, CH-6105

Slurry tank: Odor / emission

January 2023: New MATRIX-COVER® project Greece, GR-55236

Biogas plant: Odor / emission

December 2022: New MATRIX-COVER® project Greece, GR-8648

​Wastewater (mix seawater / oil): Odor / emission

November 2022: MATRIX-COVER® is suitable for aeration and foam

​MATRIX-COVER® alleviates odor problems, even with aeration and foaming on the surface


October 2022: New MATRIX-COVER® project In Romania, RO-505800

​Industrial wastewater (Papermill): Odor / emission

September 2022: New MATRIX-COVER® project BE-2070 Zwijndrecht

​Aerations basin: Odor / emission

August 2022: MATRIX-COVER® at IWA, Copenhagen - September 11-15 2022

Please come and see us at The Danish Pavilion ​

iwa cph logo

August 2022: New MATRIX-COVER® project Germany D-​32469 Petershagen

Slurry tank (biogas): Odor / emission

​April 2022: MATRIX-COVER® at IFAT, Munich - May 30 > June 3, 2022


Looking forward to your visit. You are very welcome to book a meeting in advance: sm@matrix-cover.dk

January 2022: MATRIX-COVER® Installation video

MATRIX-COVER® - very easy installed​ LINK​

​December 2021: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

​October 2021: MATRIX-COVER® at Aquatech, Amsterdam November 2-5 2021

Please make sure to visit us at the Danish Pavilion 05.480D

September 2021: New MATRIX-COVER® project, Germany D-04720

4 x wastewater tanks: Odor / emission

July 2021: New MATRIX-COVER® representative, China

We are pleased to inform on our new representative in China

BioRuns (Beijing) Environment Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing 100070, China

Attn: Susan Wang

Cell: 086-13910518360


April 2021: New MATRIX-COVER® dealer

It is a pleasure to announce that our dealer network is now expanded to include Ukraine.

BTM Trade LLC, Kyiw / Ukraine

Contact person: Alexander Horbach

TEL: +38 095 426 49 39 / Email: horbach@btm-trade.com.ua


January 2021: Happy New Year

Our dealer network and ourselves are ready for a new and exciting year.

Focus on the environment (odor, emissions, evaporation, etc.) continues unabated despite the challenging COVID times.

Thus, MATRIX-COVER® remains extremely relevant - contact us for a discussion of your needs.

November 2020: Once upon a time...

The situation for sure has changed - due to COVID all Fairs, Expo´s etc. are postponed indefinitely but we are ready to meet, also online.

billede 30-05-2016 09.19.42

October 2020: New batch of MATRIX-COVER® ready for shipment

We always hold a stock for immediate delivery

July 2020: New MATRIX-COVER® project, Spain E-28300 Aranjuez, Madrid

WWTP (pharmaceutical industry): Odor / emission

May 2020: MATRIX-COVER® - swift and easy

Link video

April 2020: New MATRIX-COVER® dealer for Switzerland

We are pleased to welcome Arnold & Partner AG as new dealer for Switzerland 


Link - contact

January 2020: New MATRIX-COVER® project, Estonia 44106

Process water: Anti foam

October 2019: New MATRIX-COVER® project, D-59199

Slurry: Odor / emission

September 2019: New MATRIX-COVER® project, CH-6277 Switzerland

Slurry (Biogas): Odor / emission

August 2019: New MATRIX-COVER® project, D-01454 Germany

Industrial wastewater (Dairy): Odor

July 2019: New MATRIX-COVER® project, D-23812 Germany

Approx 1.000 m2 Slurry (Cow): Odor / emission

Juli 2019: Hexa-Cover A/S is closed week 29 & 30

Marts 2019: MATRIX-COVER® på AquaTech 2019, Amsterdam, NL - Nov 5-8

Kom og mød os på den Danske Pavilion

January 2019: New MATRIX-COVER® project, DK 4400 Denmark

Industrial wastewater: Odor

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