Effective covering of liquids

Over many years MATRIX-COVER® has proven its worth as an effective solution for covering i.e. slurry tanks and containers in order to control i.e.

  • Emissions

  • Odor

  • Evaporation

  • Growth of algae

  • Heat loss

MATRIX-COVER® provides up to 97% coverage of the liquid surface, and up to 95% reduction of emission, odor and evaporation. 

MATRIX-COVER® is tested by LugtTek A / S, 8830 Tjele, Denmark.

The MATRIX-COVER® solution consists of hollow, individual hexagonal-shaped floating elements, which together form a floating lid on the liquid surface. The floating elements are poured onto the liquid surface and they distribute automatically on the same. The floating elements are equipped with locking mechanisms on the sides, making the floating elements "lock" to each other.

MATRIX-COVER® ensures free access to the liquid. When handling / processing the floating elements automatically gives way for i.e. mixers. Subsequently the floating elements automatically form a lid. By stirring with propeller draws attention to the need to keep a distance to it at least 1 meter.

In areas with strong wind it is recommended to install a net on top of the tank. 

MATRIX-COVER® - Tech Specs:


HDPE (UV-protected)​




8 years (expected lifetime 20 years)


462 mm


90 mm


740 g 

Units per M2

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