MATRIX-COVER® secures up to 97% coverage of the surface and up to 95% reduction of emission, odor, evaporation etc.

As such METRIX-COVER® can be used for a broad range of different applications, i.e.;

  • ​​Agriculture (slurry tanks and lagoons)
  • ​Biogas Plants
  • ​Fish Farms
  • ​Green Houses
  • ​Various industry
  • ​Wastewater facilities
  • ​Landfill

Delivery and installation:

MATRIX-COVER® is delivered on EU-pallets (24 m2 each), and they are poured onto the surface where they automatically distribute.

It is recommended to install approx. 90% (of the total area) at first and have this amount distributed. Following this, the remaining 10% is added.

If installed in areas with strong wind, it is recommended to install a net.

Dimensions, EU-pallet (24 m2):

  • Height: 250 cm

  • Width: 100 cm

  • Length: 130 cm

  • Weight: 144 kg

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